Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will this software run on Mac?

This is a web based software, there’s nothing to download. So it runs
on ANY system including Mac ūüôā

2.  Are there any tutorial videos that show how to use this app builder?

Yes, there are plenty of tutorial videos available! Once you purchase,
you will get access to all the videos.

3. ¬†But I don’t know anything about coding or programming! ūüôĀ

Don’t worry! With out app builder, you don’t need to know any coding whatsoever!
This is a complete drag and drop app builder – the easiest
way to way create beautiful apps ever ūüôā

4.  Is there any restriction on how many apps I can create with your Applifier app builder?

There’s no restriction whatsoever. We are offering you access, so you
can create unlimited apps with the “Business” package!

5.  Will this app builder help me in publishing my app to stores?

Yes! Our app builder not only allows you to build apps without coding, it also allows
you to publish those apps to app stores. Complete tutorial pages are available
that show how to do this step by step.

 6.  How do I create an application?

First of all, you have to create an account. It is very simple and fast.
After that, you can create your own apps for iPhone/iPod, Android,
or Kindle.. Just click on App Templates and select the one you
want to use.

7.  I finished my application, what is next?

Now you have to make sure that your application is ready for release. Go
to AppStore Properties. Make sure that your Application icon(57×57) is
identical with the iTunes icon(512×512) but in different sizes. Fill in
required information and click Save. Once you click on the submit button,
one of our iPhone developers will test your applictation and make sure it
works properly. If there are any broken links, buttons that don’t work or
content that doesn’t comply with Apple requirements we will reject it. Check
your app status on website to see when your application gets approved/rejected.

8.  Application Status

In-Design (Unpaid) Р0
In-Design (Paid) Р1
Ready-For-Release Р2
In-Review Р3
In-AppStore Р4

9.  Do I need a certificate?

Only if you want your app with your own company name as author. To find
out about how to generate a certificate, please follow this

10.  How long will it take for my app to be approved?

It takes on average 5-10 business days, however the process may take
longer. 5-10 days is just an estimate based on our past experience with
Apple’s review process. Please note that Apple does not provide any
timeframe estimate on how long the process may take. Max we’ve seen was 1
month. We’ll be responsible for fixing any technical issues. On your side we
expect cooperation in adding proper quality content and follow our
guidelines and Apple’s requirements.

11.  My first question is if the app data will be saved on mobile device, so 
even if there is no internet the data still available on the mobile device?

Yes. All data is deployed to AppStore and saved on mobile device. No
data is stored on our server. Even if device has no internet connection, the
app will still work.

12.  Does it work on Blackberry or Android?

Not on Blackberry, but we do submit to Android and Amazon AppStore for
Kindle Fire. We specialize in creating rich content native apps for iPhone
and Android too. We try to keep these technologies separate, i.e. if you
want a single app to be submitted to both markets then you have to duplicate
your content in two separate apps (one for AppStore and one for Android) –
we do provide the tools to make this efficiently.

13.  What is Page Review for?

Page review is a 5-start rating system you can put on any page in your
app. Application users will be able to login with Facebook accounts and
comment/rate your page content. There is an option to share your app with
friends on Facebook. While making your app, don’t forget to enable Page
Reviews check box and then click Save and Done.

On pages with “Page Review” option enabled you will see 5 stars in the right corner.

Tap on them to log in with your Facebook account. Now you can rate the page,
post your comment and share. You can read comments other people posted.
Note:You cannot use Page Review option on tab pages or on Mosaic page

14.  How do I insert a YouTube video?

– Open YouTube.- Copy Embed code (it is under the video)
– Go to App Builder >Find yourpage.html >click on Edit
– Click on YouTube button (left side toolbox area)
– Paste the code into YouTube box.
– Save

Make sure that your video’s Embed code is set to 320×265 video
resolutions or less, so you can see your video in portrait mode.

15.  How do I sell an app?

If you want to sell your app on App Store you will need to create Your
DEV Account with Apple under your name or your company name. To enroll into
iPhone program go to

You will sign a contract with Apple and receive payments directly from
Apple.Note:The apps submitted with no dev account from Apple will be distributed
for free.

16. ¬†Regarding your price plans, can you tell me with the subscriptionpackage if I stop paying this monthly at a future point… what happens tothe apps that have already been created and put on the App Store?

If you stop paying at a future point the apps will still be available
for download from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore.
Subscription based apps will try to connect online and check your payment
status. If it detects you cancelled your payment, it will popup a warning
message. Message goes away when you resume your subscription payments. If
you don’t want a monthly subscription payment schedule, you can always to
buy out your app for a single. Apps that you purchase upfront are not making
any online verifications and will never popup warning messages.

17.  Can I use PDF files?

There are no restrictions about using PDF files. But for reading them or
inserting them into app you will need to upload your PDF file and link to it
from your app page.

18.  Can I update application content?

You can update app content multiple times. Content updates on our
website are automatically synced with your app.

19.  Do I need new binaries every time I update my app?

You need new binaries if you updated a large number of files or large
media files in your app. You can only sync small files.
For your content to get updated you need to check SYNC box for each file
that you add, delete or modify. The SYNC box is in Resource Manager:

20.  Does it work on iOS5?

Yes, It is currently tested and verified to work on iPhone 4, 4S and

21.  Does it work on iPad?

Yes, all iPhone apps will work on iPad in magnified mode. We have
templates designed specifically for iPad large screen. You need to publish a
separate app for iPad only if you want to make use of the large iPad screen
– 768 x 1024 px

22.  Can I create my app in my own editor and then add it to app builder?

Click on Download zip in Resource Manager. Unzip downloaded file. Use
Dreamweaver or any other editor to edit your HTML. Keep all your files in
the root folder. Do not create subfolders.
When done, zip your folder, go to your app, open Resource Manager and Upload

23.  Will my application name be modified?

Your app name and description will appear in AppStore exactly as you
type it on our website. We will not append any promotional info.

24.  How long does it take for a binary building process?

Binary build process will take 1-2 business days.

25.  AdMob, how can I use it?

On AppStore Properties page paste your AdMob Publisher ID. This is a
string you get on AdMob website. On your application pages enable Top Banner

or enable Bottom Banner checkbox

It will look like this in your application.

26.  What is a MOSAIC page and how does it work?

Mosaic page is made for displaying a collection of images that you want
to include into your application. To make a Mosaic page follow next steps:- Open your application in app builder
– Go to Edit Pages
– In Pages list click on ‚Äú+‚ÄĚ below the list and select Mosaic page.
– Click Create.
РClick on Edit to open page’s properties.
РIn Album Title write your mosaic’s title.
– In the Mosaic Images box click on ‚Äú+‚ÄĚ as much as you want images to be.
Thus you set the places for your images.
– To add the main image, go to Image properties and write the Title of the
– Click on Image field and browse for your image.
– Click Save and Done.You can visualize your images full screen on your iPhone, mail it, or
even save it to your photos, but still staying in your application.

27.  What is a Mobile Page and how does it work?

If you want to add a mobile site to your app you can find some shortcuts
of most popular sites or you can add a mobile page hosted on your server. To
add Mobile page to your application, follow next steps:- Open your application in app builder
– Go to Edit Pages
– In Pages list click on ‚Äú+‚ÄĚ below the list and select Mobile page.
– Click Create.
РClick on Edit to open page’s properties.
– In the Page URL field paste the URL of the mobile site and click Apply.
– Click Save and Done.NOTE: All your mobile pages should have mobile DOCTYPE
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0” “”>

28.  What is a RSS Page and how does it work?

If you want to add RSS feed to your page, follow next steps:- Open your application in app builder
– Go to Edit Pages
– In Pages list click on ‚Äú+‚ÄĚ below the list and select RSS page.
– Click Create.
РClick on Edit to open page’s properties.
– In the Page URL field paste the RSS url and click Apply.
– Click Save and Done.

29.  How to convert pages?

To convert pages, follow next steps:
– Open your application in appbuilder
– Click on Edit Pages
– Select the page you want to convert from the list of your Pages and click
– Above the Save button, you can find Convert link. Click on it and select a
new type of page to convert to.

– Press Convert button.
Important: Page type conversion will erase all information on your

30.  How to change the background image for my app?

To change background image from your application follow next steps:
– Click on Design Properties
– In Properties list find Background Image and click on it like in the image

– Select a background image from the Gallery, Search, or Upload from
– Click Add to Resources button and click Choose.
РClick Apply Changes to save your changes and click Done.If you don’t want a background, you can only set a background color:

31.  How to change the image of Tab Icon?

What size and format can I use fortab icon?If you want to change Tab icons, please follow next steps:
– Open your application in app builder
– Click on Design Properties
– In Properties list find Tab1 icon. Click on it to change it.

– You can select a tab from our Gallery, Search or upload it through Upload
File section.
– Click Add to Resources button
– Click Choose.
Important: Your tab icon has to be 25x25px or less, Transparent,
Grayscaled .png file

32.  What is the Splash Screen used for?

Splash screen is an image that appears when application loads. It covers
the entire screen and lasts as long as the application loads (usually few
seconds). The purpose of a splashscreen is to disguise the length of time
that an application takes to load.

33.  Should your application icon and iTunes icon be the same, just onebigger and one smaller?

Yes. App icon and iTunes should be the same image, just different
resolution. (57×57 and 512×512)

34.  Approval Process

Application approval is subjective to our review and Apple’s review
process. We will not approve and submit apps that are incomplete, have
broken links, broken functionality, have inappropriate content, are part of
a scam or infringe on copyright laws. Application qualified as purely
marketing ad with limited, or no functionality, will not be approved. We and
Apple reserves the right to reject an application based on a subjective
evaluation of the reviewer.

35.  Do I need an Apple Developer account or can I submit under account?

App builder will ONLY accept to submit under its company’s account
applications that meet ALL of the following requirements:- provides high usability to the end user,
– is rich in content, informative and instructive,
– contains offline multimedia content such as audio or video,
– contains interactive native pages,
– has a professional look and feel and an original design,
– is not designed to promote a brand name we don’t own,
– contains no copyrighted material without the express permission of the
copyright holder,
– can not be classified as posing a potential copyright issueIf any of these requirements are not met, we will NOT submit the app under
its company account and will require you to enroll in Apple’s iOS program at
IMPORTANT: If your application promotes a brand name or a registered
trademark you are required to have your own development account with Apple.

36.  What is a Push Notification?

How Push Notifications work?Push Notifications allows an application to listen for messages being
‘pushed’ to it from the server. Through Push Notification, your application
can communicate with your users even when the app is closed.When can I use a Push Notification?
Any event that can generate a notification can also generate a push
notification. You can have notifications sent to your app users when you
want to announce an update, report news, invite to read a new post, ask for
a review, any info related to your iPhone app your users will find valuable.

To enable push notifications in your app:
This info is for app owners that have their apps under their own dev

1. Go to Push Notifications screen.
2. Follow instructions to Create an APN Certificate and upload it.
3. If you have created already a .MOBILEPROVISION file, create a new one
4. If your application is already in AppStore, click Build Binaries and
replace existing .MOBILEPROVISION with the new one. When binaries are ready,
update them on
5. When new binaries are approved, just go to Push Notifications screen,
type your push message and hit Push button.

32.  How to set price for an app approved to AppStore? (Credits to MarkBrooks for the answer. Thank you!)

Let me assume your App is online in the App Store.  If this is true,
login iTunesConnect and select
Manage Your Applications.

Once in Manage Your Applications, select the application name:

Once inside the App, click on Rights and Pricing:Once in Rights and Pricing:
1. Select the Tier you want to set for pricing.
2. In the effective date selection, set to “Now
3. In the end date selection, set to “None
4. Select Save Changes

If you need further instruction, you may want to check out the

iTunesConnect Developer Guide

37.  How to upgrade my plan without repaying setup fee? (Credits to MarkBrooks for the answer. Thank you!)

Follow the instructions below:First, click on “profile” in the menu bar and then click on
Second, click on the left link to view your subscription information.

Third, select “Upgrade”

38. Report Violations

If you are suspecting someone is a scammer, if somebody is spamming you with unsolicited messages or chat requests, if you encounter any inappropriate content such as harassment messages, nude images please report these violations immediately. To report a violation, navigate in the menu to¬†“Support” to submit a ticket or click here, create a support ticket and¬†click submit. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for helping us maintaining a clean web content.