1. Show them an already built example app!
The most effective way to impress a potential client is an in person example. Knowing the desired industry, show the potential client an app that would be similar in nature to theirs and give them a brief walk through. Display all of the relevant features that could improve their customer retention and the endless possibilities for inbound marketing.

2. Create a customized app demo for a client in 15 minutes!
With the way our system works you won’t be charged for the amount of Apps you make, only the package that you choose which represents how many apps you will upload to the app stores. So a great way to impress a client is to create their App before you try to sell them on it. Usually when a business owner sees their App already built out they can gain a much better idea of what you’re offering and are usually impressed with your companies quick turn around time. You can easily set up a demo for each client that you speak with in 15 minutes. Offer to complete the demo if they agree to purchase the app.

3. Push notes, push notes, & push notes!
Explain how the use of push notifications and their use in getting customers inside their business. For a restaurant during a slow period, they can send out a push notification for a food special and get people in the doors. This can be a very powerful selling point for businesses as it can directly help bring customers into their business! You can also compare these in-app push notification messages to text message marketing – which is extremely expensive! A typical SMS plan can cost upwards of $500/month and with your service, push notifications are included with app hosting free of charge.

4. Inform on explosive industry statistics!
The mobile industry is growing rapidly. Share the scale of the industry, percentage of growth and number of devices that have been sold. Compare this mobile market to the expansion of the PC market. It is predicted mobile application stores to surpass 21.6 billion downloads.

5. Show them the client management platform!
Be sure to push the fact that within one hour, a mobile app can be ready for submission. When approved by the App Stores the app works in real time. This means that at any time, your customer can log in and make changes and send push notifications. Also, the customer can see key download analytics to measure their marketing campaigns effectiveness.

6. Coupons, coupons, coupons!
No matter what the business, coupons are not cheap. However with mobile apps offered by you, that all changes. Our mobile apps offer GPS coupons, QR coupons or any other custom events and notification coupons your customer implements within the App. These robust features are what some service providers charge $30-40mo to maintain alone. These coupon systems are specifically designed to help businesses with repeat customers which can provide a direct return on investment for their mobile app.

7. Help them market their app!
Provide an added value service to the small business by offering to set up QR codes to place inside their business to encourage app downloads by their customers! Inside our client management panel we provide QR codes for every app. See the image below. This marketing template is easily downloaded and printed using our service. Let the business know that you will be creating a nicely formatted QR code enabled flier for them to put up in their business free of charge.

8. Explain how much money they are saving developing an app with your company!
Mobile application development is not cheap. Let the business know that your mobile app service is but a mere fraction of the price of a custom developed mobile app. On average, a restaurant can spend upwards of $20,000, spend months on development, to end up with a fairly basic app. Using your service, they can have an app in a week for a few hundred bucks!

So get out there and sell your service.  It is needed and you with a little perserverance, you can build a very successful business!