Do you ever look back on life, your career or even school and think about what you wish you could’ve learned? What would you do before you start making a mobile app?

Imagine if someone would have told you how to manage your money before you ended up bouncing a check, or if a mentor explained how to pitch your company before making a fool of yourself in front of a group of investors.

Some of these examples may not apply to you, but we all make mistakes, and looking back on those mistakes generates thoughts on what you wish you knew back then.

I, for example, wish that I didn’t spend thousands of dollars paying for a designer to build both a website and mobile app for my first little business. Little did I know that services like iCardinalApps and WIX would arise for me to construct online platforms myself, without the high price tag.

Live and learn is a good motto, but what if you could learn before you made any mistakes? Many of you are just getting started with your mobile app creation journey with iCardinalApps, so we wanted to outline some of the things that many people wish they’d known before making a mobile app. Practice, practice, practice…and make sure to review the blog and other resources to help you learn best practices even faster!

1. Make Sure Buttons Look Good on Backgrounds – Making a Mobile App

Far too often we see newbie app designers who take a professional template and restructure the buttons to blend in horribly with the homepage background. It’s a rookie mistake, but this can be solved rather easily. Keep in mind that the buttons are not always the problem. You may have silver buttons in the template and try to upload a background that’s part white. The ones over the white portion are bound to look rough.

Making a Mobile App

Regardless, the best tactic to avoid button/background blending is to ask a friend to play around with your app. It’s tough to step away from your own design and call yourself on colors that look too similar.

iCardinalApps has menu page templates that help you create stunning menus without any effort.  It is only a click away!

2. Uploading Professional Images That Aren’t Stretched Out

Another problem that constantly comes up with new designers is where they upload images that either don’t look professional, or the images get stretched out after the upload.

Every phone is different, but iCardinalApps offers tips and guides for you to select the right proportions for your backgrounds and gallery images.

Making a Mobile App

It’s an unfortunate truth that a phone isn’t going to automatically make your images perfect when they show up. Therefore, it’s up to you to resize them before making them live on your app.

3. Keeping Your Tone of Voice Appropriate for Your Niche

Are you running a law firm? Does the text in your app reflect that? How about a radio show app? Do you think that should have more of a fun atmosphere to the app?

Many people don’t initially realize how important the written word is until they hear a customer talk about how the text on a mobile app doesn’t reflect the mission or goal of your business.

4. Mastering the Art of Quick Contact

Making a Mobile App

It may surprise you, but customers don’t want to spend much time interacting with your business. Especially since people are so prone to avoiding conversation nowadays, you must learn that a mobile app is the ideal place to give users a chance to connect with your business in just a few clicks. Features like click to call, click to email and instant maps are some of the best customer service tactics you can implement.

iCardinalApps has quick contact page templates that you can add to your app and update with the business information in seconds.  Your customers will love the pages and how easy it is for the customers to navigate and find what they want quickly and easily.

5. Using Your Social Media to Maintain a Constant Conversation

A huge question that lingers with app owners is how to keep people interested in the mobile app. Since social media is easy to update on a daily basis, why not include a feed in your app? This way, users have a reason to return to the app and see what you’re talking about.

Making a Mobile App

iCardinalApps has several social media page templates build into the platform.  You can add a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn feed quickly and easily and your customers will love it!

6. Owning Your Personal Brand

Even if your customer’s company is made up of multiple individuals, it’s not a bad idea to create a more personalized tone throughout the customer’s mobile app.

It’s a huge turnoff if every page is filled with sales copy trying to push users to buy services or products.  You can add company logos and pictures throughout the app to make sure the customer’s brand is seen by and begins to become familiar to the app user.

iCardinalApps has an “app resources” function that allows you to upload pictures and logos to “the cloud” and access by the app quickly and easily to give the customer’s user a seamless and brand-specific experience.

7. The Importance of Allocating a Little Time Per Month to Check-in on the App

It only takes a few minutes to ensure that your customer’s app is running properly, so mark it down on your calendar that every mobile app you create needs some love at least every month.  Another great service is to offer your customer a “face lift” once a year to make improvements on their app.  This will create satisfaction with your customers and they will continue to use your service for their mobile application needs.


Using the iCardinalApps mobile application development platform, it takes much of the mystery out of application development and makes it super simple to create high quality applications that you can sell and host for your own clients and begin to build a profitable business without the need to learn programming or coding.  Get started…the only one holding you back is YOU!  And if you need some personal coaching to keep you organized and growing, CLICK HERE to see our coaching program that helps you get your business started and growing for an entire year.