The average cost to hire a app designer or web developer is over $6,400. That’s not exactly what most small business owners want to hear.  But now you can do it all with iCardinalApps quickly and easily, without the need for expensive programming or coding experts.  You can charge less than the web developer and earn more clients.

And the internet is littered with free tools to help you as an app designer to look just as professional as the programmer, and most of them are so easy to use that you won’t end up spending much time on your app at all.

Without further ado… here are the best free tools for mobile app designers.

iCardinalApps for Mobile App Designers



We all saw this coming, but iCardinalApps serves as the bedrock of your app development process. Not only is it free to get started, but the system provides professionally designed templates for different industries such as restaurants, barbers and online shops.

Once you choose your template you can customize it however you want, market it through social media, QR codes and app stores, and even try to make money by placing ads on the app.

Canva for app designers

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Canva has a great free account with pretty much all the functionality you require to make stunning designs for your mobile app. Do you need a picture to put on your mobile Facebook feed? Canva has the tools for that.

Are you interested in making a banner to advertise one of your new products through your mobile app? Canva gives you the features needed to drop in your own image (or choose from their stock) and manipulate premade typography for beautiful designs.

Logaster logo creator for app designers

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Although a logo isn’t all that expensive to make anymore, it’s still something you might want to consider cutting costs on. Logaster provides an online logo creator, and once you’re finished with your logo it allows for a free small download of the logo, which is almost always going to work on your mobile app design.

If you’d like a full size logo, the company offers payment plans for that.

ICones icons for app designers

Mobile App Design

Users move around on your mobile app by clicking on icons and buttons, so it’s essential that you include sleek, relevant icons that tell people what they are going to see next.

Although iCardinalApps has a nice set of icons to develop for your app, you may find that you require something a little more unique. In that case, go to the ICones site to search through and download icon packs that you can then upload to your iCardinalApps creation.


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Stock photos once costed way too much money, but a service called Unsplash reveals high-resolution stock images for you to download and place on your mobile app design without even crediting the photographers. It’s basically a community of people who want to share their work for free, so you can find striking photos here.


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We placed Visme on this list, because it has the functionality to generate presentations and infographics. This may not be on the top of your list in terms of mobile design, but eventually you need to switch up your content to keep people interested. The best part about Visme is that it’s free and the designs are mobile responsive for app developers.


Mobile App Design

Whether you need a certain background pattern or a bright blue color palette to brand your mobile app, Colour Lovers is the place to find free user downloads to put on your app.


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Since Unsplash is a little limited in its selection of stock photos, another free solution is the Flickr Creative Commons library. Search for just about any type of photo to meet your mobile app needs, but remember that you generally have to credit the photographer with a link for it to remain legal.


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Can’t quite make your logo fit right in a mobile app design? It may need a quick edit. Since Photoshop is a huge investment, why not go with the free, online alternative called Pixlr? It provides a watered down version, but you receive most of the features that average people use.


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Another, and debatably easier to use, presentation tool is Prezi. Since many mobile apps are being created for in-office functions, it’s not a bad idea to have a free presentation tool for placing the creations on your app and bringing them up quickly on your phone or tablet.


This online program allows you to take an icon that you created in Pixlr (or any icon you want to use), and quickly create all of the icon sizes you will need for all of your app platforms.  It creates the sizes you will need for iPhone, Android, and Kindle.  It also allows you to change some of the features of the icon including round or square edges, outline (with or without bevel), and much more.  Create high quality, professional icons quickly and easily with this gem of a program…FREE!

So now you have some great FREE resources.  It is time to jump in and get started using all of these wicked awesome tools to hone in on your app building skills!   With iCardinalApps and these free tools, your app business is bound to grow by leaps and bounds!